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30 Day Wise & Gorgeous Legs and Bum Challenge

Wise and Gorgeous

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30 Day Wise & Gorgeous Legs and Bum Challenge

Improve your fitness in bite sized chunks.

Take the Wise & Gorgeous  30 Day Legs and Bum Challenge.

This challenge is all about getting strength into the Leg and gluteal muscles with Squats, Lunges & Bridge, the repetitions build each day...
It is amazing what you can achieve in 30 days

Simple and effective, this trio is an effective work out to improve strength and stamina.

That's because both lunges and squats and bridge offer tremendous benefits, and are the some of the best moves for strengthening and toning the entire lower body, including the glutes, quads, hamstrings, hips, and thighs. Bridge also works on your core and strength, improves strength and flexibility in the spine

Perfect if you are super busy and finding it hard to fit the exercise you want into your schedule 

Receive the overview of the challenge to download now, we will send you instructions and daily reminders via email to keep you on track every day for 30 days 

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