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Introduction To Mindfulness Course

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Introduction To Mindfulness Course

.Mindfulness is the current health and wellness 'buzzword' and it's our expertise! 

We can't wait to teach you the skills and techniques you need, to make all those positive changes. 

The materials are delivered as videos to watch and prerecorded audios to download and use every day, there are also bonus live recordings focusing on mindfulness and getting into shape.

As Mindfulness is a skill that develops over time the daily practice recordings are downloadable to listen to wherever you are and designed to use every day.

This course is designed for complete beginners and those wanting to refresh their mediation 

This course will teach you:

  1. What Mindfulness is
  2. What it isn't
  3. The skills and attitudes for a successful practice
  4. How to start your personal practice
  5. 'Have a practice with us' introduction
  6. 4 guided downloadable daily practices to establish your mindful habit

    All you will need is:

    • An interest in learning and exploring Mindfulness
    • PC or device with good internet connection to view and download resources
    • A few minutes each day to develop a personal meditation habit
    NB - You will receive an email with all your course resources

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