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Work It Like A Diva: Body Confidence

Wise and Gorgeous

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Work It Like A Diva: Body Confidence

 A fun, empowering course to improve your Body Confidence and kick any Self-Image Doubts into touch... (heels optional!)

By the end of this course you will have mastered sexy dance moves and steps in this hot little sequence and been guided through the top ten tips for confidence and have applied this to themselves

This courses encourages you to embrace yourself, love who you are, by enabling you to shed your inhibitions in a non-judgemental, sassy, well observed, thought to provoke and on point way.

We loved creating this content with the awesome Zoe McNulty with her Superhero skills of embracing, encouraging and empowering!  

She's talking all things quirky, funny and curvaceous. You will feel sexy, strong, energised and more confident in your own skin, with this refreshing take on female body image... with getting the chance to try the same moves for yourself. 

It is designed specifically to help women (although sassy guys warmly welcome) to find and release your inner diva and to really allow yourself to be feminine and show off their best features and assets.

This is a fun, value-packed, empowering course which will make change the way you think about yourself - and step out into the world with a confident, fabulous spring in your step!

This is for everyone who wants to strut their stuff and get the low down on body confidence, you don't need any experience of dance to have seriously good time. You just need to be interested in body confidence and be ready to try strutting your stuff.


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