5 Day Hygge Challenge

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5 Day Hygge Challenge


Have you had enough of the short Winter days? 
Waking up in the dark, feeling cooped up and so much to do,

You just want to stay snuggled up in bed, right?

Hygge is about savouring and creating small moments of joy and contentedness in life.
It's stepping back from the hectic pace of modern living and looking after ourselves.
Warm, snug, connected and mindful.

We are going to make you feel so much better, with our 5-Day Hygge Challenge.

You can take it a day at a time, or watch them to suit you!

What will happen?

We talk in the videos about uploading the videos to our FB group - this is for when we run this challenge live.

We would still LOVE to see your Hygge Photos!

You can find our FB group here >> Wise & Gorgeous Inner Circle 

Day 1: Cosiness and Comfort 
Day 2: Nature and Outside 
Day 3: Simplicity and Beauty 
Day 4: Indulgence and Nurturing 
Day 5: Togetherness and Company


(this is going to be FUN!)

The challenge will be delivered by email - please allow 15 mins to arrive with you