5-Day Life Declutter

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5-Day Life Declutter

Take our 5 Day Life Declutter Challenge
Streamline the way you do things; your mind, your body, your space, and your life in 5 days!

A fun yet powerful challenge which tackles more than just cleaning out your cupboards;
it simply makes your life MUCH easier in 5 transformative, empowering daily tasks.

Receive the challenge over the next 5 days straight to your inbox

(with a compilation of the whole week, to keep referring back to)

Find out just how simplified you can make life... in just 5 days!

I signed up for the 5-day declutter and absolutely loved it gave me the kick I need right now. Thank you so so much xx looking forward to doing more courses with you fab ladies xxx


I've done the 5-day declutter your life challenge and it was amazing! I thought I'd streamlined my life as efficiently as possible, but Tanya and Claire had amazing tips I hadn't even thought about, that I now incorporate into my everyday life, leaving me more free time! - priceless! Thank you so much, Tanya and Claire x


This challenge has taught me and 'fed' me way more and in more ways than I could possibly imagine. I have loved simplifying my home and reminding myself how freeing it is to get rid of 'stuff' most of the rooms in my house are now ultra organised and practical for our family. Much more than that though I've learned how precious my time is and how to spend it more wisely. I've learned that with a bit of planning and prioritising I actually do have more hours in the day. I'm a work in progress learning to delegate more and I'm relearning how to treat myself better and that improving how I eat sleep and exercise is not a 'chore' but a 'gift ' to myself. I cannot thank Tanya and Claire enough and I would highly recommend this to anyone.



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