Your Anxious Teen

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Your Anxious Teen

Gain the tools to help your teenager learn to master their anxiety.

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What you’ll get from this easy-to-follow course:

This simple, step-by-step and scientifically-evidenced guide will teach you the most effective way to help your anxious teen. Using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness and Life coaching techniques; you will understand the surprising secrets of the teenage brain and how to YOU can use that knowledge to support them in the exact way they need.

Real-life, practical advice that helps you to help them take back control and enjoy life to the full.

  • DON'T PANIC: anxiety can be a good thing. 
  • How self-esteem is a learned behaviour and how to use it to blast anxiety away. 
  • How you (as a parent) might have been making things worse... and how to put that right. 
  • How understanding teen Brain Chemistry will transform life for both of you. 
  • How you can help your teen gain control of their thoughts so they can love their life. 
  • How rituals, done right, can be your secret weapon.
  • The effective ways to help and not be just another annoying adult.  
  • How to speak to each other so you both actually listen.
  • Creating your action strategy together, with downloads and (non-lame) resources.
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Get the knowledge

The essentials you need, without the waffle. Straightforward steps for the fastest progress.

Practical tasks

Bite-Sized lessons with clear, actionable tasks. Start making progress - today.  

Easy to Use

Video, audio and downloadable resources - that you and your teen will both enjoy.

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“A clear guide, packed with relevant, helpful information. This course will be very useful to ALL parents and especially those dealing with an anxious teen. ”

Amy Hackett-Jones Coach | TEDx Speaker | Host of the Be~ing Brilliant Show

Becci Laughlin

“ Speaking as a childcare professional with more than a decade of experience within schools and the private sector - THIS is the information parents need. Science-based yet totally practical. Great course. ”

Becci Laughlin. Education Support Professional

UKHA Head Trainer Karl Smith

“You'll learn things you wish you knew when you were a teenager! A solid, accessible programme with the tools you need to move forward.”

Karl Smith. Lead Trainer: UK Hypnosis Academy.

Hannah Dixon

“Really well constructed course, enjoyable to use, with resources to appeal to different learning styles. Much thought has clearly gone into making it super-enjoyable whilst getting so much important information across. ”

Hannah Dixon: Digital Course Creator and Trainer